Directory Online

Presenting the industry's first and only digital directory, an exciting new innovation from BloomNet® Technologies.


Now it's easier and faster than ever to find not just any florist, but the right florist to fill your customers' orders.


Search, Select, Send...
The BloomNet Directory Online is a powerful tool designed for speed and convenience.


...and relax.
With the new BloomNet Directory Online, you'll have peace of mind in knowing you're not just sending orders blindly. You're selecting the best qualified florist to fulfill your order-ensuring greater satisfaction, reciprocation and building repeat business.



  • Search by State, City, Zip Code or Shop Code
  • View Florist Codifications, Minimums, Specialties, Store Hours and other important information.
  • Bookmark your favorite Florists
  • When you place an Ad in the printed Directory it automatically appears in the Directory Online, providing you with twice the value and marketing reach.
What's New

Spot - Light Ads!

Florists now have the ability to add color to their existing ads and listings. Choose from blue, green, red or yellow tints to enhance your existing advertising and catch your fellow BloomNet Florists eye!


Once you sign up for our Spot Light Ad's, all of your existing advertising will be updated the first of the month so the results will begin immediately.


Stand out from your competition, Click here to sign up for Spot Light Ad's today!