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Sending & Rebate Program

More Value. Period.

BloomNet Florists can make more money on wire orders. We have the highest published rebates in the floral industry with the easiest rebate qualifications! BloomNet has no minimum order requirement on outgoing orders, no minimum monthly dollar amount to qualify for rebates and no monthly cap on total number of outgoing orders!

  • The Value of BloomNet

    • Tiered monthly fees
    • Provide customers with delivery confirmations
    • Compensation for confirmations
    • Apply payments to your Clearinghouse Account or credit card
    • Small case packs with inexpensive shipping and handling
    • Early order incentives & palletized glassware program to reduce freight costs
  • Why Send BloomNet?

    • Highest rebate in the industry!
    • No minimum outgoing order requirements (per month)
    • No minimum dollar amount per month to qualify
    • No minimum cap on total number of outgoing orders
    • No international retrans fee when sending through the network
    • Earned rebates paid on the last day of the month for those current on statement due date

Florist-to-Florist Fulfillment 

BloomNet Florists are the best at what they do. We make sure of it.

BloomNet establishes the industry’s most stringent quality standards and promotes the sharing of best practices among florists. Every shop in our network is personally, rigorously and continually inspected for quality.

Our responsive order processing technology is second to none – helping to make certain that florist-to-florist order transmissions are handled accurately and quickly. 

Send, Receive & Rest Assured

Bottom line? You can relax knowing that your outgoing wire orders will be fulfilled with the utmost care and attention to detail.

In turn, our insistence on superior quality can mean significantly increased business for your shop, as florists throughout our network know they can trust your expertise and commitment to excellence in fulfilling their orders.