BloomNet Website Hosting Solutions offer you the best options to manage your online store and presence and allows you to connect with your customers, both locally and globally.


A hosted website solution from BloomNet will give you:

1. Full Control of Your Site

2. the Best Tools to Market Your Shop

3. Useful Features to Offer Your Customers





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Change your store website design in a snap!
With your BloomNet Hosted Website Administration Utility, you can update homepage website templates in real-time. Choose from a variety of colors and designs to match the season or holiday!

Manage Your Store Catalog
Managing your online product catalog has never been easier with more than 250 quality BloomNet product images and descriptions already in your store.

Using the intuitive and eay to use BloomNet Admin Site you can add, change, or delet products from your catalog and even create your own specialty products for your website all through simple wizards. Both the BloomNet Floral Selection Guide and Florist Designed Products are automatically available on your website. In addition, these products are managed for you by BloomNet.



Manage Your Orders
Orders from your online store are automatically captured in the Order Management Portion of your BloomNet Admin site.

The Order Details page provides you with a clear view of the product details, delivery information, and payment details on each order. Findnig an existing order is easy with our robust search feature which will save time and improve customer service. 


Offer Promotions and Discounts
Compete against other online shops by providing your customers an easy way to redeem promotional codes online. Creating promotional codes or discounts through your BloomNet Admin site is simple and easy. With promotions and discounts, you can:

  • Offer Discounted Delivery Fees
  • Discount Single Items
  • Discount Groups of Items


Blog Your Best Tips
BloomNet Hosted Website Clients can now manage their own blog. This is a cost-efficient way for Florists to connect with customers, increase your online presence, keep products and services on the forefront of customers' minds, and position yourself as experts in the field.


Optimize Your Site
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume of traffic to your site from search engine via natural search results.

With BloomNet Hosted Website Solutions, you can follow a few easy stepts to optimize your site to make sure you get the traffic you deserve.


Real-Time Credit Card Processing
With this service, your site will quickly determine whether there is sufficient credit available on a customer's credit card before approving the purchase. If there is insufficient credit, the customer is prompted to user another payment option, directly on your website order form.

This real-time authorization enhances the customer purchase experience and eliminates the need for you to call back customer for declined credit cards.


The new Call-My-Florist feature provides you with the capabilty to communicate with customers while they are shopping on your website. By speaking directly to the customer about your online promotions and new products and services while they are browsing your website you have an opportunity to up-sell and close business, in addition to providing helpful personalized service. The enhanced customer experience leads to increased retention, bringing your customer back to your website and into your store for future orders.


 This is much more than other click to call offerings on the market. Customers will enjoy an exceptional experience as our service first contacts the florist to ensure that are available to speak with the customer before the customer is contacted! By the time the customer answers their phone, you're already there waiting for them!


Offer In Store Pick Up
As requested by a number of BloomNet Florists, we have launched a new function that allows customers to pick up their order instead of having it delivered. This optino is available on the standard checkout page- customers can select the date for pick-up and the store's address will be automatically used as the delivery address.